Civil Forms

Civil Lawsuits in the Justice Court shall not exceed $9,999.99 in monetary value. If the monies owed is above the allotted amount the case must be filed in the Superior Court. The court does have the forms available for pick-up or you may file your own written complaint.
Civil Complaint Fee $73.00
Civil Answer Fee      $40.00
If you cannot pay the filing fees you can fill out a Deferral/Waiver of Fees to be determined by the Judge.

Small Claims Forms

The small claims courts can be used by any individual, partnership, association or corporation for civil claims that do not exceed $3,500. Small claims cases are simplified, which means attorneys are not allowed but can be agreed upon by both parties.  There is no right to a Jury Trial in Small Claims Court. A Deferral/Waiver of Fees is also available if you can not pay the filing fees.
Small Claims Complaint Fee: $25.00
Small Claims Answer Fee: $15.00

Eviction Forms

An Eviction Action provides a quick remedy for gaining possession of a property and non-payment of rent. The Justice court hears eviction actions no more than $9,999, the right to possession of real property and ownership or title disputes. Once the eviction action is filed a hearing will be set and held to determine who judgment is awarded to.

Eviction Filing Fee: $35.00

Eviction Answer Fee: $18.00

Injunction Petitions

Injunctions against Harassment, Injunction against Workplace Harassment and Orders of Protection can be issued by any court in Arizona regardless of the location of the plaintiff and defendant. There is no fee when filing a protective order and they can  be issued with only one party present. Protective orders remain in effect one year from service date and only the judge can terminate or amend orders.