Walk In's Welcome

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday before noon.
Please call the court to schedule your walk-in and check availability

Filing Fees

  • Civil Complaint Fee: $73.00
  • Civil Answer Fee: $40.00
  • Small Claims Complaint Fee: $25.00
  • Small Claims Answer Fee: $15.00
  • Forcible Detainer Complaint: $35.00
  • Forcible Detainer Answer Fee: $18.00
  • Writ: $28.00
  • Research Fee $28.00
  • Certified Copies: $28.00
  • Copies: $.50

Research requests

If you need to request copies of your file you can print a copy of the Research Request form below. Fees for records must be paid via cash or money order/cashier's check.

Set Aside

Per  ARS 13-907 you can submit an application requesting to have your conviction Set Aside by the Justice of The Peace below. The form must be notarized and the original must be filed with the court.